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Norcod proudly partners with Sirena Group on sales and distribution of our Atlantic Cod. Please get in touch with us if you wish to secure the freshest cod in Europe.

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Norcod has formed strong partnerships with industry leaders across all key areas of the company’s supply chain. Major partners include Sirena Group (Distribution and Sales),  Aller Aqua (Feed), Nofima (Research & Development), Havlandet Marin Yngel(Broodstock) and Kråkøy Norcod (Slaughter).

Sirena Group
Distribution and Sales
Aller Aqua
Research & Development
Kråkøy Norcod
Havlandet Marin Yngel

A Lifetime of Care

The cultivation of Snow Cod requires meticulous attention and care. Depending on sea temperatures, the entire process takes around 2 years.

Day 1


The eggs, also known as roe, come from our stock of mature females. Our broodstock is currently in its 8th generation.

14 days


The eggs hatch within
two weeks.

3 months

2–3 grams

The tiny fry is given a live feed of larvae within a week. When their size reaches 2-3 grams, they can safely be moved to larger tanks.

4-5 months

60–100 grams

Growth starts to pick up in this last phase before the fish is moved to the sea habitat.

18-20 months

4 kilograms

The cod reaches its full size of approximately 4 kilograms. The period varies with the fluctuations in water temperature.

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