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The Chef’s Choice

We’re proud to offer Atlantic Cod that’s praised by food professionals and private gourmands alike for its unparalleled flavor and freshness. Delight your customers and guests with premium cod all year round.

Our Atlantic Cod is raised in a natural environment, yet we’re able to harvest and process the fish much faster than wild-caught stock. Bred to perfection, this Cod also has a firmer texture than conventional Cod. Its white and even-looking meat offers a clean and delicate flavor. And since we don’t use hooks or invasive nets to catch the fish, we vastly reduce the risk of skin abrasions.

A Lifetime of Care

The cultivation of our North Atlantic Cod requires meticulous attention and care. Depending on sea temperatures, the entire process takes around 2 years.

Day 1


The eggs, also known as roe, come from our stock of mature females. Our broodstock is currently in its 6th generation.

14 days


The eggs hatch within
two weeks.

3 months

2–3 grams

The tiny fry is given a live feed of larvae within a week. When their size reaches 2-3 grams, they can safely be moved to larger tanks.

4-5 months

60–100 grams

Growth starts to pick up in this last phase before the fish is moved to the sea habitat.

15-18 months

4 kilograms

The cod matures and reaches its full size of approximately 4 kilograms. The period varies with the fluctuations in water temperature.

Gourmet Nutrients

Eating fresh fish brings numerous science-backed benefits to maintain strong physical and mental health. The lean Atlantic Cod is no exception

Highly nutritious

Vitamin A

Cod is rich in vitamins, including Vitamin A, which strengthens the immune system and contributes to good eye health. It also promotes normal growth as well as skeletal, reproductive, and fetal development.


Cod is a good source of iodine that helps ensure proper thyroid function. This is essential for the body’s ability to regulate the metabolism.


Proteins are part of your body’s vital building blocks. They are made of essential and non-essential amino acids, which the body cannot produce on its own. Luckily, cod is an excellent source of these all-important nutrients.


There are many health benefits to a regular intake of selenium. The mineral acts as a powerful antioxidant, may reduce the risk of certain cancers and heart disease while boosting the immune system.


Omega 3 is good for blood circulation and is known to boost concentration levels and your general mood. One serving of cod (150g) is enough to meet the recommended daily intake.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a natural nutrient in cod. B12 is essential to the body’s production of red blood cells, its formation of genetic material, and for proper function of the nervous system.

Feed for Thought

High-quality nutrients are vital for keeping our Cod healthy and thriving while ensuring a balanced growth. Our feed contains high levels of marine proteins and lipids, it’s completely natural and easy to digest.

Feed ingredients are exclusively sourced from well-documented suppliers. Marine-derived content comes from ICES-regulated fisheries, guaranteeing that no feed results from overfishing and only from regulated stocks. Soy-based ingredients are GMO-free and grown in Europe. Certifications guaranteeing sustainability in our feed include MSC / ISEAL and IFFO-RS.

Feed content
• Protein: 48-56% (80-90% marine origin)
• Fat: 18-22% (100% marine origin)

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